Prathamesh Thangaraj Nadar Ponniah

Postdoctoral fellow

Prathamesh received his B tech in Biotechnology with specialization in Genetic Engineering from Allahabad Agricultural Institute deemed university U.P India. He completed his Masters degree in developmental cell biology with distinction from University of Sussex U.K. During his masters research project he worked under Prof Mark Maconochie to use insulator sequences as a tool to increase the efficiency of mouse transgenesis. His growing interest in epigenetics motivated him to join as a PhD student under Prof Nabieh Ayoub‘s lab at Technion Israel Institute of technology Israel. His PhD work was on KDM4D a histone lysine demethylase, that interacts with RNA. During his PhD he established i-CLIP technique in the lab, a robust state of the art technique used to decipher RNA molecules that interact with RNA binding protein in the transcriptome. After graduating he joined Tel Aviv University as a joint post doctoral fellow with Prof Karen B Avraham and Prof Rina Rosin Arbesfeld. While Prof Karen ‘s lab has expertise in identifying novel genes essential for auditory function, Prof Rina ‘s lab has expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry. His work basically bridges both labs in identifying novel molecular pathways for genes that are essential for auditory function.