Ofer Barnea-Yizhar

Ph.D. student

Neumann von Hethars Doctoral Fellow
Ofer received his B.Sc in Life Sciences from Ben-Gurion University at the Negev. For 6 years he was part of and managed a non-conventional defensive measures R&D team in the Ministry of Defense (ISR), during which time he gained knowledge in physical modeling of complex chemical/biological and meteorological phenomenon. He graduated with honors in his M.Sc studies in the Biotech & Food Engineering Faculty at the Technion, during which time he worked on the regulation of lineage-specific expression of IRF-8 in myeloid cells in the laboratory of Prof. Ben-Zion Levi. During this period he gained experience in epigenetics and a wide variety of molecular biology research methodologies, together with knowledge in general and biotech-specific engineering. In August 2018, Ofer began his post-doctoral training in Prof Nadav Ahituv’s laboratory at UCSF.