Kavya Prasad

Summer student

Kavya is a summer student in the TAU Summer Research Program in the Sciences, training with Prof Karen Avraham and Dr Rani Elkon. She is currently pursuing her third year of B.Tech Bioinformatics in Karunya University, India. To deepen her knowledge in the subject, Kavya has taken a number of courses in Bioinformatics from leading US universities. She has previously used functional genomics to identify misregulation of tumor cells in breast cancer upon treatment with drugs and won the Best Paper award at the International Conference on Healthcare & Life-Science Research (ICHLSR). Kavya is a winner of the Hamdan award for Distinguished Academic Performance and the Sharjah award for Academic Excellence – both National Level awards at senior school.The focus of her study this summer is to infer the microRNAs (miRs) responsible for deafness, and the regulatory relationships between transcription factors and miRs through bioinformatics approaches.