Cochlear inner ear hair cells

The mammalian cochlea

Cochlear inner ear hair cells

Outer hair cells with or without Nesprin4

Main research interests of our lab

A major goal in auditory science is to understand how the cells of the inner ear develop to provide the exquisite precision of hearing.

The auditory system collects sounds and transforms their mechanical forces into an electrical signal that functions throughout our lifetime.

At a molecular level, the interactions of DNA, RNA and proteins of the auditory system orchestrate a remarkable feat that is summarized in our ability to hear. The challenge in auditory science is to determine which and how a pathogenic variant in a gene or regulatory element can cause the entire hearing system to fail. 


Genes that lead to hearing loss

What are the genes that lead to hearing loss and how are they involved in normal function of the inner ear?


Regulation of gene expression

How does regulation of gene expression determine inner ear function on a genetic and epigenetic level?


miR-96 is required for normal development of the auditory hindbrain

Genome-wide identification and expression profiling of long non-coding RNAs in auditory and vestibular systems

Single cell analysis of the inner ear sensory organs

Reduced changes in protein compared to mRNA levels across non-proliferating tissues

Insights into inner ear-specific gene regulation: Epigenetics and non-coding RNAs in inner ear development and regeneration.

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Our Group

Current Members

Prof. Karen B. Avraham

Prof. Karen B. Avraham

Zippora (Zippi) Brownstein, Ph.D.

Amal Abu Raayan


Ofer Barnea-Yizhar

Mor BC

Mor Bordeynik-Cohen

Nada Danial-Faran photo

Nada Danial-Farran

Amiel Dror, M.D.-Ph.D. student

Tal Koffler


Yael Noy


Shahar Taiber


Congratulations to Shahar !

Shahar Taiber has been invited to attend the XIN Innovation Forum event in Beijing in October 2018!

HL-EP ACMG/AMP variant specification paper on bioRxiv

Congratulations to Mor for winning The Herczeg Institute on Aging scholarship award

NIH NIDCD grant has begun!

Perl et al manuscript has been accepted to Human Genomics

Our manuscript by Perl et al “Computational analysis of mRNA expression profiling in the inner ear reveals candidate transcription factors associated with proliferation, differentiation, and deafness” has been accepted to Human Genomics!

Prof. Mary Clair King talks about winning the Dan David prize and her work with our lab

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Future conferences


Modeling Hearing & Balance Disorders in Mice: the HEar@JAX Workshop,
Sept 23-28, Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
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10th International Symposium on Objective Measures in Auditory Implants (OMAI),
Oct 9-12, 2018
, Tel Aviv, Israel



The 7th Graduate Student Conference on Genetics,Genomics and Evolution
Sep 4th, 2018, Jerusalem, Israel